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Butternut Systems offers industry leading online backup services. With unparalleled security, Butternut Online Backup is the most secure and long-term data protection service.

Call 802-583-4129 and we will setup a quick consultation to see what your current status is and if you need further backup assistance.  Don't wait until it is too late!!!


Butternut Systems Backup Features

Backup Up to 5 PC's with One Account

Butternut Systems lets you backup up to five computers with one, simple account. With Butternut Online Backup, all of your PCs are simply managed; no more juggling multiple accounts.

Do you have information that you would spend hundreds, or thousands of dollars to recover if lost? (With the main examples being family photos, QuickBooks or other financial data, and emails.) 

Data loss can be devastating and expensive!!  If you don't know, you probably aren't properly backed up.

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About Butternut Backup

Due to the data recovery nightmares of a number of customers in the last two years, we at Butternut Systems decided that we would offer an 'in-house' backup solution that would be robust enough for our corporate clients while remaining price-competitive for our individual customers.

Save Your Data Today with Butternut Online Backup

  • Simple - One easy account for all your backup needs
  • Secure - Complete privacy protection
  • Mobile - Easy access from your mobile device
  • Powerful - Recover and restore your file versions